It never gets easier, you just go faster. ~ Greg LeMond.  ....


San Diego to Santa Monica 

About our group

In 2009 a group of five Gym spinners got together and created  EP Cyclists. The idea was to create an environment for road cyclists of all levels to enjoy the sport together. 

Our Mission is simple
  • Get more people on bikes
  • Bring cycling to all levels of riders
  • Encouragement of healthy lifestyles through education, friendship, teamwork and fun
  • Share our enthusiasm with new riders and help them develop as cyclists/
 Our rides are open to the public, Join us and see how much fun  group riding  can be. See you on the road . . . .. ....o7'o

2012 Interbike - Las Vegas 

2012 Thanksgiving Day Ride 


Winter Club Ride

Every Friday Saturday & Sundays 
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Speed usually depends on wind conditions

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2012 Tour de Tolerance  

Raising the Bar
Energy bars have improved in a big way since they first became a jersey-pocket staple. Here's how to choose the right one for your ride. Read Article

2012 Tour de Tucson 

 2012 Paseo Villa Ahumada 

2012 Trauma Tour 


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